Friday, April 19, 2013

20 Reasons Not to Trash the Dress

Ladies, it is your prerogative to destroy anything you own, as long as it doesn't hurt anyone else. That being said, I think it's a stupid idea. See my full meditation here.

Things you can do with your wedding dress besides trashing it:
  1. Do a fearless bridal that won't totally trash it instead 
  2. Save it for a group friend photo
  3. Save it in a frame
  4. Save it for your daughter (at least a piece of it)
    Even if the style is too old-fashioned for her, she can still carry a piece.
  5. Save it for your 10-year anniversary, where you can accessorize it with aluminum jewelry (apparently it used to be valuable)
    From Chloe's Ethical Accessories
  6. Save it for your vow renewal
    Even happier, now that you know what marriage is like. (AinaKai Photography)
  7. Resell it
  8. Donate it
  9. Rent it out to other brides
  10. Rent it out to people who need full-length white dresses
    See your dress on stage
  11. Better yet, lend it out (it will make you happier)
  12. Make stuff out of it
  13. Dye it and wear it
  14. Shorten it and wear it
  15. Convert it and wear it (especially if the dress had a nice bodice)
    Lingerie or daring top?
  16. Wear it when you're feeling sassy
    Dance when nobody's watching
  17. Wear it when you're feeling down
    Remember this?
  18. Wear it for Halloween
  19. Wear it to the Brides of March
    Be truly daring, and wear it while shopping and drinking about town
  20. Wear it out to a different Starbucks every week for free coffee
    Who's to say you're not getting married that day? You're wearing a wedding dress, aren't you?

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